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Saranda Xhemajli - Who is she and how her art ended on dua MarketPlace!

by dua Marketplace on February 10, 2021

Saranda Xhemajli is the girl behind the gorgeous paintings in dua Marketplace. But who is she exactly and how did she stumble upon dua Marketplace? Her paintings are mostly with traditional and cultural motifs.


Who is Saranda?

Saranda Xhemajli was born in Vitia. She finished her high school for Mathematics and Computing in her hometown. After she graduated she studied in the Academy of Fine Art at the University of Prishtina.


When did she start painting and what inspires her?

When we asked her this question she replied: “I have always loved art, but when I started my  studies I became more and more focused on it. This is where I think my passion for painting started. 

When I don’t paint I feel less in touch with myself and I paint because I feel it’s a necessity for me. Inspiration is more motivation than everything else.  What I want to create, move, invent, develop, observe, think, consider, and choose for myself are usually things that I think I will be able to paint.

There’s no great inspirational experience or event that moves me to paint. My need for painting is what makes me paint. The need to lift paintbrushes on canvas, the drive to create is the same as breathing is to people. "

How did she come upon dua Marketplace? 

Her artworks caught the eye of our dua Marketplace team. The project “From Albanian to Albanian'' inspired dua to market mostly Albanian art, books and so on. Since her artworks are unique and created once they decided to make a collaboration now people have access to her artworks. 


When Art is more than a career path

Saranda spoke to us passionately about her art. This is what she said when we asked her if she considers making art as a job: “Art is my life because it reflects how I perceive the world and all the things that affect the way I am. My paintings have a great personal meaning for me, that’s why I don’t consider it a job. They represent women power and more and I express all this in a figurative way, exploring with colors, techniques and different lines. 

Right now she is really focused on bringing together our culture on art. Saranda has a lot of ideas and things in her head. She is trying to create new ideas that right now are still in process. Her recently uncompleted collection is that of “Albanian girls” which involves traditional costumes of different places in our country.


Does she have any plans for the future?

She says no but she is convinced that the best way of planning for the future is to make the most of the present.