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Shote Galica - Everything you should know about this heroine

by Argjenda Selmani on February 08, 2021


Who thinks that once all Albanian women with children stayed at home should think again! Today we will talk about the Albanian heroine known as Shote Galica!

Do you know Shote Galica is not her real name?

It's important to say that even though everyone knows her as Shote Galica, her real name is Qerime Radisheva. Shote (1895) grew up in the Drenica region. She was just a teenager when Albania became independent. Drenica, after a few years, came under Serbian rule, then officially called the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Qerimeja married Azem when she was only twenty years old. Both were part of a large group of soldiers who were resisting the new invaders. Their goal was to become part of Albania!

She met Azem in Oda's

Shota from Radisheva was the only sister of six brothers. Her father Halili, did not separate her from his sons for a moment. He took her with him to assemblies and men, where she was lucky enough to see with her own eyes the heroes of the time such as: Isa Boletini, Shaqir Smaka, Kamer Loshi, Nak Berisha, Azem Bejta, Mehmet Deliu, Shak and Ramadan Radisheva, Halit Bajrami, Xhemë Tërnavin, Fazli Baranin, Emin Latin - Meha, Shaban Mikushnica, Bajram Zenë Meha.

Then they became inseparable...

Through those meetings in assemblies, Shota met Azem Galica, whom she married in 1915. Instead of bridal gowns, she wore men's clothes, put a gun to her arm instead of a dowry, and became a mountain bride. From that moment on, Shota was no longer separated from Azem and his comrades. Her bridal room became Cicavica, her ornaments were necklace with bullets around the waist. This was Shota - the Albanian woman, who never got tired or guessed before the difficult life of the mountain, nor before the fire of gunpowder, nor before the fall and wounding of freedom fighters, nor before the massacres committed by Serbian gendarmes on the Albanian population . On the contrary, her morale and strength were increasingly aware that the freedom of the country cannot be achieved without being burned in the flames of war! Such was Shota and as such she continued these paths without fluctuating, even after the death of her husband and life partner Azem Galica.

After her husband died, Shote took his place as commander of the guerrilla group. It is known that Shote Galica once captured a Serbian military commander and a number of soldiers in Chikatova (Drenica).

Like Shote, many people who were born under Serbian rule. Without individual freedom. Shote used this thing as fuel to fight for what she believed. However, she also found the balance in life between having a family, a wonderful relationship with her husband, and the ability to fight for what she believed in.