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Stickers shqip - The coolest stickers around!

by Argjenda Selmani on February 11, 2021



Are you looking for cool stickers to expose on your laptop, phone or other devices? Would you like to have some special stickers with Albanian quotes? We think we have something very unique for you! Click here to see!

In these stickers shqip you can find some funny quotes but not only. Old Albanian wise words are used there too. F.e “Buke e krype zemer”, “Shtrij kamt sa e ki jarganin”, “Mu bo zemra mal”, etc.

Who creates these stickers?

The creator and conceptualist of art DiqChill is Qëndrim Morina. We can say for sure that his art is a new style in our country and beyond.
The achievement and idea of this type of art is the expression through digital art, and the visual display of popular proverbs and our everyday expressions. It is important to note that this idea was first discovered by Qendrim Morina.

The artist's goal is to spread positivity, and for his clients to find comfort in the products we offer. He manages to play with words in a funny and smart way and to visualize them by creating unique designs. In dua market place you can find his t-shirts, tote bags, stickers, and more. His products can be an ideal gift for your friends and loved ones!

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