Saranda Xhemajli printed artworks in general are one of the most wanted products in our marketplace! They are the perfect choice if you are looking forward to decorate your home and your office. Especially if you are an Albanian art fan. Saranda's canvas can also be an ideal gift for your family and friends! In most of her works, Saranda reflects Albanian women with clothes from different regions. They reveal the greatness through golden accents and details. Heroes are also part of her artistic world, in most of her paintings, she gives life with a stroke of a brush to the national hero Gjergj Kastriot.

Printed Artwork (20)

"Albanian couple"


"Albanian woman"


"Eye it all"


"The beauty of Albanian women"


3in1 - Beautiful Albanian Women


"Përkrenarja e Skenderbeut"


"The Girl from Albania"


"Shote Galica"


"Skenderbeu" - 2in1